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Are you looking for a complete solution to skyrocket your business online? You’ve come to the right place! Witness the value of a fully manageable website, with a 100% mobile responsive design, SEO optimized and linked to all your social media accounts! Here is what we have prepared for you:

Manageable Website

When it comes to projecting a website, it’s essential to build it so that you can manage it yourself. That means you don’t depend on us with every text or picture you want to modify.

Responsive design

Your website will be great on all devices, not only on desktops and laptops. Your costumers will be happy to read information and news about your business from any mobile device. Are you reading this from a phone?

On-page SEO is included

We’ll handle the essential SEO parts for you, so that your new website will be properly indexed in search engines. What does that mean? Your business will be a lot more easier to find for your costumers.

Social Media

Your social media accounts will be linked to your new website. If you don’t have any social media accounts yet, don’t worry: we’ll create them for you.

Custom logo

Your business has to be recognised by all your costumers through your logo. Our graphic experts will create the logo that fits your concept.

Photo/video gallery

Everybody loves visuals. Your costumers totally can’t miss this! Beatiful photos and videos of your services put together in the same place: doesn’t it sound amazing?

Contact page

The costumer is now yours. He is in love with your brand and he can’t wait to buy from you. What is missing? You’ve guessed right: a contact page! A contact form, phone numbers, email addreses and more.

Business location map

If you are running a physical shop, we can help you guide your online costumers to your offline shop with a map widget, that will get them on their way right away, by opening the map in Google Maps or Waze.

Fast loading

Nobody likes waiting. It’s essential that the loading time of your website keeps as close as possible to zero, so that your costumers can see the presentation of your business as soon as possible.

+ other functionalities and services that are available for all projects:

Integrated blog

The perfect place to share your newest ideas to the world. Your costumers can’t miss this!

Code performance A+

Measured with GTmetrix, the most accurate web performance check tool.

Business email addresses

Just as professional as it sounds. And easier to use than ever.

Unlimited pages

Your website will support the full amount of creativity we can achieve.

Unlimited galleries

There is no limit for wonderful visuals. Let’s show them all!

Weekly maintenance

The world changes fastly. So will your website. And we are here to help.

Email/phone support

We are always here to get you rid of any issue you encounter.

Urgent requests

Is there something you need right now? We’ll do it. Right now.

HTTPS support

When it comes to be trusted, the first step is always having a SSL cetificate.

Automated emails

You will need to send tons of emails. We can’t let you do that manually.


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