Building your high conversion rate online shop


Do you have a ready-to-sell products stock? A smart online shop will automate sales for you sooner than you might expect. Just make sure you won’t run out of stock, we’ll take care of the rest. Here is what’s included:


Easy to use online shop

We’ll create an intuitive solution to attract your costumers into buying from your online store.

Responsive design

Your costumers will be able to buy your products using all devices, including phones and tablets.

On-product SEO is included

Efficiently indexed products will boost the overall SEO quality of your future online store.

Unlimited products

The only limit for your shop is your available stock. Every single product will have its place.

Online payment

We’ll make sure your clients will be able to securely pay for your products using their credit cards.

Photo gallery for each product

One photo is not enough to describe your products’ features? We’ll build a gallery for each product.


An elegant solution to keep your clients up to date with your activity. They have to know!

Product discount system

Are you making discounts? You’ll be able to easily add discount prices for the desired products.

Automated billing

We’ll generate ready-to-use sales reports that can be directly forwarded to your accountant.

+ other functionalities and services that are available for all projects:

Integrated blog

The perfect place to share your newest ideas to the world. Your costumers can’t miss this!

Code performance A+

Measured with GTmetrix, the most accurate web performance check tool.

Business email addresses

Just as professional as it sounds. And easier to use than ever.

Unlimited pages

Your website will support the full amount of creativity we can achieve.

Unlimited galleries

There is no limit for wonderful visuals. Let’s show them all!

Weekly maintenance

The world changes fastly. So will your website. And we are here to help.

Email/phone support

We are always here to get you rid of any issue you encounter.

Urgent requests

Is there something you need right now? We’ll do it. Right now.

HTTPS support

When it comes to be trusted, the first step is always having a SSL cetificate.

Automated emails

You will need to send tons of emails. We can’t let you do that manually.


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